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Success Stories: Saving lives and saving data

As someone from an analytical background, Shruthi’s goal had always been to use data analytics to help people. It inspired both her undergraduate & postgraduate degrees, as well as her work as a Research Assistant in a medical lab, analysing COVID samples.

However, when COVID began affecting the availability of her research samples, she was forced to switch to more statistical data analysis to continue her research. While this research left her with no shortage of job offers, when her lab role came to an end, post-COVID, Shruthi found herself at a career crossroads. Perhaps there was a way she could help people using data outside of a lab environment.

Having heard about the Skills City opportunities, Shruthi decided to apply for the Data Analytics Skills Bootcamp in order to get more formal qualifications. She was absolutely delighted when offered, especially after hearing about the variety of key data analytics tools she’d be learning about. “When I started, I was aware I’d be leaving my comfort zone, and there’d be a steep learning curve. However, both the instructors and DTs from the Skills Bootcamps were super supportive towards me and ensured the programme was well structured, with us learning theory first and the technical skills after.”

With the client-facing project being her highlight, Shruthi stated “I loved that it was in an area tied into both my medical background and career interest- Research and Analysis of Healthcare System response across Europe during COVID. As well as the technical aspects, I was also team leader of the project, leading a group of 4, taking responsibility for organising the group, delegating tasks and ensuring good communication, really helped develop my soft skills, something I now realise is essential to a recruiter in any business. The Skills Bootcamp did lots with regards to this, recognising and developing our strengths and weaknesses for when we came o applying to jobs.”

Shruthi finished by adding “What I learnt from the Data Analytics programme really helped kickstart my career in Data Analysis. IN4.0 Group clearly saw this, they interviewed me after the programme and hired me straight away! To anyone else applying, I’d say that as a woman from a minority background, who wanted to learn how to apply what she already knew to a new area, the Skills City Bootcamps are the perfect place to do that. Alternatively, if you’re someone from a completely different background that knows little about the area of the programme they’ve applied to, don't worry! If you’re willing to learn and have a passion to grow, you’ll do amazing.”

“You don’t just learn about a topic, you learn how to apply the knowledge to a real-life business scenario, with the instructors and project co-ordinators always on hand to help. Having a company in the area of the project you’ve chosen to come in and speak to you about it is so motivational and gave me so much confidence about my future in Data Analytics!”

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