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Data Analytics

This Skills Bootcamp is designed to help people with no prior tech knowledge to enter the workforce as skilled Data Analysts and DevOps specialists, which includes a guaranteed interview upon completion of the programme.​

You’ll gain knowledge of Data Analytics, AI Fundamentals, Cloud Engineering & more!

Applications are open for our January 2024 Skills Bootcamp for people in Greater Manchester, London, the West Midlands & Lancashire.

  • Data Concepts and Environments

  • Employability and Personal development

  • Data Mining

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Governance, Quality, and Controls

  • Course projects

As well as the criteria listed on the apply page, the general requirements for this course:
  • This is a part-time course, over 12 weeks, individuals must be willing to commit to this part time model. Time commitment will range from 20-25 hours per week (inclusive of independent study, employability skills and personal development work).

  • Individuals with a strong interest in Data Analytics.

  • Access to a laptop that can run Microsoft Teams and Zoom and includes a microphone and camera.

  • Keen to progress into a Data, cloud or DevOps role.



  • Some basic understanding of what Data Analytics is.

  • Some technical knowledge or experience in industry working with data.


You can then go on to complete a range of associate qualifications to further develop your skills:

  • CompTIA Network+

  • CompTIA projects+

  • CompTIA Cloud essentials

  • You can also go down the platform specific route and look at exams such as the Azure Data Essentials (DP-900)

Potential job roles after completing this course:

  • Administrator

  • Business User

  • Developer

  • Technology Manager

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • DevOps

  • Project manager


  • Develop competency of labs in sandbox environments so that you get “hands-on” experience using Azure.

  • Through participation in client facing and capstone projects, you will work towards a brief to further develop your personal and technical skills.


In addition to weekly mentoring with the Skills City team, open office sessions and ad-hoc one to one opportunities with a variety of industry professions we are thrilled to have partnered with Tree of Knowledge to deliver an extensive personal development programme, including sessions on the following:

  • Your Vibe

  • Flourish

  • What do you transmit

  • Aspirational Team

  • Interview Ready

  • Personal Project

Apply Now

Places are limited on our Skills Bootcamps, so if you're ready to start your career in tech then click the button below and apply!

Apply now to start in January 2024.

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