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Software Development

This Skills Bootcamp offers a broad understanding of the fundamental building blocks needed to work on web developments and other programming work using an industry-relevant language.


Applications are open for our January 2024 Skills Bootcamp for people in Greater Manchester, London, the West Midlands & Lancashire.

  • Introduction to web development using HTML, CSS, native JS(JavaScript), JS frameworks & NoSQL

  • Programming essentials including agile soft dev processes, continuous integration and version control

  • Introduction to CLI commands and scripting

  • Core programming language (*either Javascript or Python)

As well as the criteria listed on the apply page, the general requirements for this course:
  • This is 12-week course, individuals must be willing to commit to the model. Time commitment will range from 20-25 hours per week (inclusive of independent study, employability skills and personal development work).

  • Individuals keen to progress into a development role whether this is in web development, mobile development, immersive or another role.

  • Ideally, some exposure or experience, even as little as a month, whether self-taught or guided, of using at least one coding language. However, this is not essential as this course is designed to take a student from zero to hero.

  • A basic understanding of coding


These are the first steps on the qualification maps for these skills and all have further qualifications either through the Microsoft tech stacks or through the C++ certification route.

Potential job roles after completing this course:

  • Web developer

  • Front-end developer

  • Back-end developer

  • Full-stack developer

  • Games developer

  • AR developer

  • VR developer

  • App developer

  • Mobile developer

  • Tester

  • Project manager

  • QA tester


  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • At least one technology stack, for example Python

  • Agile Software development process

  • Continuous integration and manage version control

  • Scoping and prototyping projects

  • Front-end, back-end and full stack development

  • CLI commands and scripting

  • Understanding of architect solutions

  • Creating databases in backends such as SQL databases

  • API’s and RESTful API’s

  • Debug code, as well as create and run tests on your own and others code


In addition to weekly mentoring with the Skills City team, open office sessions and ad-hoc one to one opportunities with a variety of industry professions we are thrilled to have partnered with Tree of Knowledge to deliver an extensive personal development programme, including sessions on the following:

  • Your Vibe

  • Flourish

  • What do you transmit

  • Aspirational Team

  • Interview Ready

  • Personal Project

Apply Now

Places are limited on our Skills Bootcamps, so if you're ready to start your career in tech then click the button below and apply!

Apply now to start in January 2024.

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