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How Skills City gave Adebayo’s career a new SQL

Having completed an undergraduate in statistics in Nigeria back in 2020, Adebayo was looking for a route back into the analytics industry. He’d originally moved to the UK for job opportunities, shortly after graduating, but when COVID hit, the hiring freeze meant his plans changed, and he was forced to seek a new career path.

Finding work in the care industry, Adebayo enjoyed helping others, but it wasn’t his real career goal. He began looking at ways to upskill himself, in order to get back into the analytics sector, and it was while doing this that he came across the Skills City Skills Bootcamps. Impressed with the support and skills he’d be learning if he was offered a place on the course, he applied for the Data Analytics programme but was told that it was already full. Noting his keenness, however, he was instead offered a place on the Cloud Engineering course, and while initially sceptical, Adebayo realised that a large part of it would be building on his statistical background- such as applying SQL to databases- and so very much the perfect opportunity to get the experience he was looking for.

Adebayo added: “The Skills Bootcamps are more than just learning languages and software tools. They’re about applying these tools to critically analyse real-life business problems and build solutions to them. It really helps that we are taught to think from a business point of view, particularly during the industry project where we’re given a real-life business problem to solve, working closely with the client that we’re doing it for while completing it. The industry talk sessions as well- where someone from a business came in to talk about the nature of their business, as well as tips for navigating the workspace, were an amazing help in terms of thinking from a business perspective!”.

“Additionally, the personal development module- where we were taught things such as prepping your CV, getting set up on LinkedIn, and understanding what employers are looking for in applications- were great for both developing my soft skills and increasing my confidence for applying for jobs and speaking with both recruiters and interviewers. The Skills Bootcamp provides so much support in recognising and developing strengths and weaknesses in our personal development.”

Having almost finished his course, Adebayo wholeheartedly encouraged anyone else interested in starting a career in tech to apply. ‘After my Skills Bootcamp, I really want to go into DevOps, and the tech skills, soft skills and the major DevOps companies I’ve worked with during this course have put me in the best place possible to get started in this. To anyone else looking into the Skills City Bootcamps, whether you’re a recent graduate like me or from a non-technical background, I’d say absolutely apply. The training is so much more than just getting you a certification; it revolves around putting you in the best place possible to get started in your tech career. Even if you’re scared about learning new things, they're so tailored towards your own needs. There’s the right level of support from the DTs and instructors, so you’ll never feel like you’re stressed out or falling behind. The Skills Bootcamp has helped me so much, building on what I already knew from my statistics degree as well as giving me invaluable industry experience, and I feel so much more confident now about my career future!”

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for that next step like Adebayo, or are looking at for new opportunities, a Skills Bootcamps with Skills City can help you. Find out more!

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