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Christian's Journey: From squaddie to cyber security

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Christian Frost
Christian Frost

Christian Frost, 33, from Tyldesley in Wigan, recently completed Skills City’s Immersive Technologies Skills Bootcamp and now works in cyber security. As a former military private, he had always had a keen interest in video games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor.

I chose this Skills Bootcamp because being ex-military, I’d always enjoyed playing games and fancied the challenge of building my own military-style FPS game.

However, coming from a military working dog background meant I had little to no experience in this

area. I also hadn’t attended university or gained any relevant qualifications in this sector, so I found whenever I tried to get some advice or tips on entering the games development industry, I was

met with the same old lines…

‘’Without experience or a computing degree, you won’t be able to do that… you need to have a few years’ experience to even think about getting into games development… and how many games have you

already created?”

This was really deflating, and I almost stopped chasing my childhood goal but then I saw Skills City and the bootcamps they offer. The course was amazing as it not only gave me the knowledge I needed to

enter the industry, but it also allowed me to work on two live projects with real clients.

This meant that when I completed the course, I had a certified qualification, hands-on experience with a legitimate and large company, and along with the personal development sessions, I also finished with a good online portfolio and CV.

All this combined, resulted in me gaining an entry level role within tech and having tonnes of potential to

progress to being a Certified Unity Instructor within the next couple of years.

If you're interested in getting into tech then apply for a Skills Bootcamp today:


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