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Accelerated Apprenticeships

Whether you're looking to launch your tech career in Cyber Security, Cloud Engineering, Data Analytics, or Software Engineering, Accelerated Apprenticeships at Skills City offers you a range of professional training, with partner institutions to ensure that you receive the best possible start to your new career in tech. 

Follow the buttons below to learn more about the courses we offer and how they can accelerate your career.

Cloud Engineering

A Cloud Engineer apprenticeship helps an apprentice to manage, build, maintain both virtual and physical networks due to the technological developments such as, 5G and Cloud.

Cyber Security

A Cyber Security apprenticeship helps to build an understanding of cyber threats, hazards, risks, controls, measures and mitigations to protect your organisation's systems, data and people.


Data Analytics

A Data Analyst apprenticeship helps an apprentice to develop knowledge in data structures, database systems and procedures for data analytics enabling them to analyse, inspect, cleanse, transform and more.


Software Development

A Software Developer apprenticeship helps an apprentice to understand a client's requirements as provided in design specification and then build and test high-quality code solutions to deliver the best outcome.

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