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Accelerated Apprenticeships for Employers

Our unique Accelerated Apprenticeships model is designed to fast-track learners from Skills Bootcamps into level 4 - 6 technology apprenticeships. 

Accelerated Apprenticeships are also an additional incentive for employers to invest further into training and access local and diverse talent.

Our approach also adds value from the
National Skills Fund, Adult Education and local training budgets, by partnering with regional Further Education colleges we provide pathways from classroom level 3 qualifications into higher qualification technology jobs to ensure a high skill and high wage economy. 

We have established partnerships with globally renowned training organisation, Raytheon Professional Services and world-class universities, including the University of Central Lancashire and Coventry University Group. 

These partnerships streamline the pathway from Skills Bootcamps to apprenticeships, enabling learners to qualify in less time than the current standard through accredited training.

Employers are also given the opportunity to directly influence and feed into the Skills Bootcamp syllabus, ensuring alignment to apprenticeship knowledge, skills, and behaviours, so all their business needs are met.

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Overall apprenticeship length can be shortened by 3 months, with the bootcamp acting as a transitionary period to give apprentices a head start prior to joining the apprenticeship scheme.

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A high-quality candidate pool is opened up, with apprentices coming in to the workforce with a base level of knowledge and skills (both technical and soft skills)

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Employers gain access to a diverse pool of learners, with all Skills City bootcamps meeting ambitious EDI targets including 50% BAME and 50% female participants.

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Candidates will be joining the workforce with a professional qualification having completed the bootcamp (e.g. AWS Cloud Practitioner qualification)

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All Skills City Bootcamps learners work on commercial projects allowing employers to evaluate prospective candidates prior to interview. A try before you buy approach.

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Employers given opportunity to directly influence and feed into bootcamp syllabus, ensuring alignment to apprenticeship KSBs (knowledge, skills and behaviours)

If you'd like to speak to a member of our team to find out how hiring an apprentice could be right for your business get in touch with our Business Development Lead, Amy Boland -

If you'd like to know more about the apprenticeships we offer click the button.

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