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Unity Development

This Skills Bootcamp has two paths, Artist & Programmer, which will allow you to enhance your tech skills, including XR, VR, & AR application development, Games Development, UI design & interactivity, Asset Creation & Management, and more.

This course will also give you a chance to practice the skills you learn on multiple projects to help you build your portfolios either as an Unity Artist or Programmer, which you'll be using with your guaranteed interview upon completion of the programme.

We'll be announcing new course dates soon but you can still apply and be put on a waitlist!


As well as the criteria listed on the apply page, the general requirements for this course:

  • Individuals who have a strong interest in Unity Developer, Games Developer or XR Developer.

  • Willing and able to commit to a full-time virtual course.

  • Access to a laptop that meets the Unity requirements found here:

  • A computer that is capable of running Microsoft Teams and Zoom alongside Unity and includes a microphone, a camera and a 3 button mouse.

  • This is a full time course requiring at least 35hrs a week. While it may be possible for some candidates to complete evening or weekend jobs, this is not recommended.

As a programmer you will need knowledge and skills with at least one of the following to be eligible for the course:

  • Unity experience

  • Object Oriented-Programming Languages: C++, C# or Java

  • Blender, Maya, or any other 3D modelling software

  • Computer Science background or Industry experience in development

As an artist you will need knowledge and skills with at least one of the following to be eligible for the course:

  • A basic understanding of 3D concepts and fundamentals

  • Understanding or digital or fine art theory

  • Experience with 3D/ 2D development software or a Graphic Design related degree or background


Dependent on path taken

:You will be able to apply with confidence to jobs on the Game Industry, Creative Agencies, VFX Businesses, and Training/simulation companies.


Potential job roles after completing this course:

  • Junior Games Developer or Artist

  • Junior Unity Developer or Artist

  • Junior Unity Technical Artist

  • Apprentice Unity Developer

  • Junior Software Developer

  • Junior 2D Artist or Developer

  • Junior 3D Artist or Developer

  • Junior Graphics Programmer or Artist

  • Junior Mobile Application Developer

  • Junior Quality Assurance Tester

  • Junior Project Manager

  • Lighting and Technical Artist

  • Content Designer


Dependent on path taken

  • Advanced Shading/Lighting & Scripting

  • 3D Models/Animation: UDRP & HDRP

  • XR Development (3D, VR, AR)

  • Mobile Development

  • Source Control Management including Git

  • Project Development

  • Asset creation and management

  • Prefab creation and lighting

  • UI design and interactivity

  • XR development and character configuration

  • Working with animation controllers

  • Particle effects and cut scenes

  • Employability skills and personal development



Dependent on path taken

  • Develop an understanding of and competency in:

  • Java and either C++ or C# including component development

  • Immersive technology development experience in XR/VR/AR

  • Agile Software development process

  • Continuous integration and manage version control

  • Scoping and prototyping projects

  • Understanding of Multiple Platforms Development

  • Experience with multiple API’s

  • Experience importing, configuring, and lighting 3D objects and environments for various platforms, including PCs, mobile devices, and AR.

  • Familiarity with level design and planning and gain confidence in working with game assets management

  • Hands-on practice with professionally designed project assets

  • Experience with source control systems in a multi-disciplinary team environment.


In addition to weekly mentoring with the Skills City team, open office sessions and ad-hoc one to one opportunities with a variety of industry professions we are thrilled to have partnered with Tree of Knowledge to deliver an extensive personal development programme, including sessions on the following:

  • Your Vibe

  • Flourish

  • What do you transmit

  • Aspirational Team

  • Interview Ready

  • Personal Project

Apply Now

Places are limited on our Skills Bootcamps, so if you're ready to start your career in tech then click the button below and apply!

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