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Salford Mayor congratulates HOST Salford on major digital skills contract win

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett, has championed Skills City as a ‘unique opportunity’ for 450 learners, fast-tracking them into digital and tech careers and offering them vital skills for future job aspirations.

Skills City aims to provide people with fairer access to digital and technology career starts, creating the most diverse technology talent pool as well as being a magnet for employers to move into the region.

The mayor’s backing comes as Salford residents aged 16-24 have been severely impacted by the Covid pandemic with 2,785 now claiming unemployment-related benefits, an increase of 1,400 since March 2020.

This initiative will not only help to grow businesses in Salford but also create life-changing opportunities and hope for young people, kickstarting their careers and opening up employment prospects.

The Skills Bootcamps will also work with communities to provide opportunities to people who may not have previously had access, such as single parents, those who are on career breaks or are financially disadvantaged.

Having recently secured £1.2 million funding for Skills City from the Department for Education (DfE), Skills City will support 450 people from across the North West into tech careers with a guaranteed job interview or role once they have completed training.

Paul said: “Salford is committed to becoming a digitally inclusive city where no-one, young or old is left behind. No-one should be excluded from opportunities in the latest industries or everyday life just because they cannot get online or do not feel confident using the latest technology.

“Skills City is a key part of our Digital Everyone ambition to ensure local residents have access to cutting edge training and development to realise their full potential and create a better, fairer Salford.

Skills City comprises leading digital technology bootcamp academies that span across a wide range of technology areas, including cloud engineering, cyber security, 3D immersive technologies in industry, SOC analysis, software engineering, data analytics and Unity professional artist skills.


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